MTA Garments Group's Founder - Marita K. L. Leung is a pioneer of sorts. Her journey to success is a story of grit, vision, luck and gratitude. An accomplished businesswoman with over thirty years of experience working with for-profit and non-profit organizations. Having graduated in Textile Technology with a major in Fashion and Clothing from Hong Kong Polytechnic University provided her with minimal skills and knowledge about the actual workings of the fashion industry. Her education made her adept at pattern grading, sewing, drawing and draping but it did not prepare her to start her own clothing enterprise. So, she worked for a leading manufacturing company for a decade slowly working her way up to the General Managerial level before she set up her own company; MTA Garments Mfg. Co., Ltd.

MTA's target for innovative technology led her to introduce Japanese automation to her factories in China and Bangladesh that benefitted her business and the local economy. High efficiency and improved quality meant improved skills and better pay scale for people. Most of MTA's businesses are in keeping with her goal of being socially responsible and consciously improving the lives of the people working for her. Marita was honored with the Hong Kong Most Outstanding Service Award 2019 for her contribution to the Design Technology industry and she got Senior Fellowship Award by SERA in July, 2019. By introducing the 3D CLO system in the garment industry, MTA managed to increase efficiency and cut sampling costs. When asked how Marita managed to make such sound decisions, she stated, "I've always had very good intuition about the trends and how to translate them. The key is adapting the trends, personalizing them and making them work for your clients." Her business and personal philosophy is entrenched in organic growth even if that means slower pace as this can provide integrity, long-term relationships and deeper roots in culture.

Over the years Marita has truly come to appreciate a multi-dimensional life that is balanced. For her balance is about showing gratitude, it's about playing a part in giving back to society and enacting social change. Her philanthropic work with various institutions such as Po Leung Kuk Foundation, The Social Community Service for New Immigrants, The Children's Hospital, The Tung Wah Hospital, The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Association and more aim at improving the lives of disadvantaged people by creating awareness, empowerment and action. Marita derives a lot of satisfaction from her volunteer work with institutions both in Hong Kong and overseas. She believes that the only way we can move forward as a community is through collaboration and support. Being a mother of two teenagers she appreciates the importance of education and its role in providing a bright and robust future for children. In keeping with this ideology Marita has worked closely with Salisbury School and Cornell University over the past several years to provide better opportunities to students. Despite all these commitments Marita always makes time for herself doing yoga, playing the piano or spending time with her family and dogs. She believes that we need to take time to reflect and if we don't take care of ourselves, we cannot possibly take care of others. In the future Marita sees herself more involved in social entrepreneurship, contributing to society and working on her personal growth.